About us

Our history

Public Institution “Lecturers” is an institution operating since 2015, specializing in research, non-formal education and public health improvement. Areas of activity include education, practical and scientific activities of personal health care. During COVID-19, mental health promotion services and various trainings in personal hygiene and virus prevention are provided to the population. Throughout its operation, the institution has accumulated experience in the implementation of various national and international projects.


Our services

Trainings organization

Public Institution “Lecturers” unites and represents various professors, teachers, social workers, psychologists and other highly qualified specialists throughout Lithuania, therefore we can offer competent specialists who can improve the qualifications and strengthen the knowledge and skills of the client's employees. More...

Public health strengthening

Public Institution “Lecturers” has gathered a team of qualified and highly experienced employees for the implementation of public health promotion activities, for that we can offer mental health promotion and healthy lifestyle promotion services. More...

Science research

Public Institution “Lecturers” specializes in public health improvement research, has many years of experience in implementing health care models, methods of promoting integration, providing expert services. Has experience in implementing international projects. More...