Public Institution “Lecturers” has gathered a team of qualified and highly experienced employees for the implementation of public health promotion activities, therefore we can offer mental health promotion and healthy lifestyle promotion services:

  • Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes prevention activities;
  • Activities of public psychological (emotional) welfare services;
  • Activities for increasing the competences of employees in the field of mental health;
  • Activities for enhancing the competences of school staff in the field of mental health;
  • Basic suicide prevention training;
  • Activities for promoting healthy lifestyle (yoga, pilates, functional training, healthy eating, disease prevention).

Training and consultations on cardiovascular diseases and diabetes prevention will be provided by professionals such as a psychologist, dietitian, psychotherapist, cardiologist, general practitioner and other professionals.

Trainings and consultations on the topics of strengthening the psychological well-being of the society will be carried out by a psychologist, lifestyle medicine specialist, social worker, social pedagogue, psychotherapist, public health specialist, occupational health specialist.