Call for proposals for mobility projects


The first call for proposals under the new Erasmus+ program has been launched. Applications for funding may be submitted by public or private entities active in the fields of education, training, youth or sport. The total budget of the call for proposals is EUR 2453.5 million. EUR, which will be allocated to education, youth, sport and Jean Monnet.

The call for proposals covers the following Erasmus + actions:

  1. Key Action (1 PV). Mobility of individuals for learning purposes (mobility of individuals in the fields of education, training and youth; youth participation activities);
  2. Key Action (2 PV). Cooperation between organizations and institutions (partnership for cooperation, excellence; Erasmus + Teachers’ Academy; Erasmus Mundus actions; innovation partnership);
  3. Key Action (KA3). Supporting policy development and cooperation (European Youth Together; Jean Monnet actions).

If you are interested in applying for the Erasmus + program and participating in exchange projects, please contact us by e-mail. e-mail for more information on how to properly fill in the invitation forms, meet the specified requirements and find project partners in Lithuania and abroad.